Mind Space

Offline Mode

The major benefit aspirants get after joining Mindspace is the availability of online mock tests anywhere and anytime. These mock tests prepare students thoroughly for the entrance exams since the mock test pattern is exact replica of entrance exams. However with these practise online mock tests we provide students with serveral other features so that they can appear for the mock test with ease.  Some of the feature are listed below.

Offline mode: We understand the situation of sudden power cut or connection lost due to network failure. However, while giving an exam it is a real drastic situation. In offline mode, even if the power failure occur or connection is lost, it allows you to save your answers and continue with the test. However the paper will be submitted only after you are online.

Pause and Resume test: We do understand small interruptions like a phone call or something while you are in the middle of your test. In this sitution students can pause their test for sometime and then resume the test once the situation is tackled.