Mind Space

About Mindspace Group


Mindspace Group is one of the Central India's largest educational services providers. We firmly believe that education can transform lives. It has the power to uplift anyone from dire straits and catapult him/her to greatness. History is replete with such examples and they make for intersting and inspiring stories.



Therefore, given our experience of about three decades in the field of education and our technology capabilities, we intend to make education more inclusive, affordable and accessible. With this mission in mind, it is our endeavour to provide value added services and solutions which help students in preparing for various exams.




Kumar Tarani: It was a great experience with Mindspace. They helped me improve my JEE score. They also help me for my online tests and because of this mock test I was quite confident to give my JEE exam. I will recommend this to all the students. It makes you prepare with accuracy and speed.


Varun Venkatesh: I am glad that I have joined this programme. It is really helpful for all the students who are preparing for their entrance exams. Online tests provides confidence and we can keep a check on our scores. Faculty is very helpful and answers all the queries untill the student gets the concept.


Megha Shamkumar: Mindspace helped me a lot while preparing for my entrance exams. I recommend to all the students. Online tests is a great way to understand the exam patterns. It is very good and I have tried all the exams and socred very well. It will improve the overall performance and gives confidence.


Ravindra Moolya: I am really thankful to my friend who took me to Mindspace. I have cleared by medical entrance because of them. My basic concepts and medical terminologies are cleared after joining Mindspace. Also it feels good to be on the list of toppers in this competitive world.